GHETTO BOOTY SECTION: Nice Tush or Mush? You might be a LARD ASS and not have a Ghetto Booty that is good!  Know the difference?
Most don't, and love shots like this (especially black guys)! mmmm mmm good lol
big easy
You ask the average 'ghetto booty' lover, "what's a nice ass?", and he's most likely to tell you the biggest ass he can find is HOT! It doesn't have to be firm, it doesn't have to look like a nice ass, hell, it doesn't even have to look like an ass for this guy. It can look like two huge legs attached to a flat back, he wouldn't care- because he doesn't know the difference between that an a good, huge ass. To him, MASS = NICE ASS!  You can't tell him difference, he likes it large like a barge! You say LARD ASS, he's going IN on it like this:

As long as it's a HUGE AMOUNT OF BUTT FAT/ LEG FAT/ HIP FAT, whatever, he's a happy camper. Because of this, all kinds of beast chicks are coming out of the woodworks and thinking they're sexy. They're putting up all kinds of pics, making money and all that. While I'm not one to hate on someone getting paid off of weaklings, I don't like this fat shit being passed for THICK chicks, even worse, a sloppy ass passing for a nice, big one. These are XBBW, GROSSLY OBESE CHICKS, not THICK CHICKS. Now, a ghetto booty, due to this re-classification by these dumb cats calling fat chicks 'thick', can have a whole RANGE of butt sizes, from cartoonishly big to WATER BUFFALO BIG, like the pics above. But the key difference between the sizes, is one STILL LOOKS LIKE A WOMAN'S ASS, and the other is like a cow's raw hide!  For example, pics like these (below) are sent to us, from guys taking pics of their girls, and they're asking us to rate these 'thick' Ghetto Booties:

In fact, most of the stuff people share with us, is not thick, not bootilicious, not even the type to get a double-take, if you saw it on the street. What we notice is that those whom like the huge booties, tend not to even notice the FORM of the booties they worship, instead they worship the pure size and color of the woman. So apparently, some of our bigger booty lovers are missing the point to what makes a nicer bigger booty, but also, we realize that a lot of dudes hating on the bigger sizes, hate what the lovers of the bigger sizes like. The problem is the haters see: fat, wide, droopy, cellulite-plagued, which actually are the things that the fans of anything BIG in the booty area, like, or overlook. In doing this, the kinds of Ghetto Booty that should get noticed, are getting lumped with the stereotypical, lame big booties, and that's where WE draw the line!  We must help you separate out the good from the bad, and find a common ground we can all agree on. Applying our general philosophy to booty, of all sizes, you too should find an appreciation of the bigger sizes with form. That is the goal here, let's try to highlight some differences in what makes a typical sloppy Ghetto Booty, versus slightly more appreciated Ghetto Booty. 


Now, we know that some of us can't contain ourselves when we see a FAT ASS- or rather, a lot of SKIN showing, on a female. Sometimes, a nice ass can cause us to follow a chick to the free clinic, or even worse, sitting in a house looking at the amount of kids, that you're making together, grow. ...but some of you dudes really scare me with the shit you're peeping nowadays and calling it "THICK" and a "FAT ASS." beachassNow, to each his own, if you like a fat chick, that's all good, any lovin' is good lovin', but you have to stop intruding on the rest of our recognition of terms, for ladies that WE like. STOP CALLING YOUR FAT TUB OF LARD GIRLFRIEND, 'THICK'.  I think 'THICK' and I think having a more muscle base, more solid, and not wobbly and loose meat/fat. The stuff you're calling thick, if I smack it, it jiggles like ripples in a pond.  That's NOT how anything THICK moves. I think THICK I think a Burger King milkshake that's impossible to stir, not the Mcdonalds shit that's all watery and syrupy. You smack a thick ass, it will BOUNCE! When you grab a hand full of it,
grabitit doesn't move so much to slip in between your finger cracks, it's FIRM!  But what you dudes are calling thick isn't firm! So how could something that is so watery be considered thick?  
It would appear that if something were to be considered 'THICK', then it would be firm and you can grab it up like this! That booty should conform to the Booty Rules, and contain the traits specified for Good Ghetto Booty.  

What's the difference between these two booties? Are they the same?
If you've not already done so, click the pics to expand them. 2 bodies, the same size in overally shape, 2 different booties. At the smaller sizes, you can look at both booties and see that they are actually different. We could have put some stuff that is night vs day, but where is the fun in that? You also miss the great details we're referring to, if we do that. So let's analyze these two similar booties.  As they get bigger, most people just tend to lump them all in the same category (sloppy), and ignore them. Ass appreciation is not about that. It's about recognizing the better ones, of the class, and dismissing the worst.  Both are in the Ghetto Booty class, both have deep ass cracks, bodies in check and only a tad of cellulite (to be expected at this size and you're an idiot if you're writing the bigger asses off simply because of that. Women of ALL SIZES get cellulite). These are average Ghetto Booties, and honestly not that bad, but there is a BIG difference between them (from an attraction perspective), but actually it's a subtle (in reality).  Can you sort them out? Ghetto Booty appreciation involves separating out the worthy from the unworthy. If you noticed the ass in picture to the left, what is the overall shape of the booty? You've to ask yourself, what's kind of action is happening with this booty? Is the booty eventful? The booty on the right does have a little oil going on to create more shine, but even that's not the difference, but helps highlight the difference.  Now, we'll admit, this is a harder challenge, for some of your people new to ass appreciation, so let's try to throw in a few easy ones, then analyze them.  

What about these 2 below, are they basically the same or different, and how? They're big, they're wide, but there are a few differences again, that the eye may not see.
Even resized to a smaller view, you see that the booty on the left is bigger than the one on the right, but is that correct? Which one seems to have the most action going on? Which one seems to be the most round, even in a position where it's hard to make an ass that big look round?   Let's see if you caught the same differences that we did.

First the smaller 2, could you spot the differences? Compare the parts of each booty:

1) Exhibits A and B both have normal Mystery Spaces, with a little big of fat on them,  which from the side would look like part of the ass,  but you can see it's not.
2) Both have ass cracks that start pretty high up and are deep, and at the very top of the ass crack, there are nice indents separating the top of the ass, showing there is a nice big of meat at the top of the booty, that the ass crack is splitting.  Following the ass crack downward, Exhibit A has an ass crack that doesn't seem so round towards the bottom, as if all the real meat with action is on the top half of the booty and the bottom kind of squares off. Her Ass Smile seems leveled off, at the base. Exhibit B, however, has a round look to the bottom of her booty, and the Ass Smile is well curved.
3) Both have ass creases that make it about/just over half of the diameter of the leg, but the Exhibit A's bulb of the butt isn't protruding, even though she's squeezing her cheeks together. Her booty should look like Exhibit B's booty does, in this position. So Exhibit A falls flat in the bulb region, while Exhibit B's bulb really doesn't have any meat there, suggesting the roundest part of the booty is higher up on the booty.
4) Exhibit A has a dent in the side of her right side, which if you inspect, shows you a flatness of the booty, as you go further down. It also shows that there is no roundness on this booty that would help it protrude further, other than at the very top of the booty.  Exhibit B, however, has a very round booty on the sides, and although leg fat is intruding, you can see the booty's outline from top to bottom roundness. It only tapers off at the leg, but there is separation of leg and butt.

Exhibit B is greater than Exhibit A by far! Exhibit B is good Ghetto Booty that remains consistent no matter the pose.  Exhibit A is typical shape-shifting Ghetto Booty.

and the second 2 set of pics?? See if your eye matches up to ours:

1) Exhibit A and B both have small Mystery spaces but the top of Exhibit A's booty doesn't have any BUMP to it, while Exhibit B has two bumps coming off of he ass cheeks, at the top. Exhibit A seems to be on more of a slope.
2) Both have deep ass crack that start high, but again, Exhibit B is the one with the meat that seems to really get split by the ass crack, not to mention the ass crack moves downward in a consistent path, on Exhibit B, while Exhibit A's ass crack twists and turns a bit, especially towards the bottom of the booty. It's not a consistent curve for Exhibit A, but Exhibit B is right on point, perfect curvature!
3) The bulb of Exhibit A is sunken, and breaks the overall curvature of the booty. The ass crease turns in then out every few inches, no consistency in roundness, at any point in the bottom half of the booty. The ass crack barely makes it to about 50% of the length of the back of the leg, but there isn't enough strong fat or muscle to back that bulb, so it sinks and shifts about since it's loose down there.  On the other hand, Exhibit B has a very round bulb, and you won't see an ass crease because that bulb lifts off of the back of the leg perfectly, showing you the roundness is up much higher on the booty.
4) Exhibit A's booty curves in and out a lot, but the overall shape of it has to be a Tear Drop. The top is sloped, the middles, where the most shine is, highlights that is the about where the booty pokes out the furthest, and continues to slope downward after that point. The sides of the booty fuse too much into the leg, so you can't really see a clear separation. The outer leg fat takes away from this booties definition and the most is is a Ghetto Booty that isn't perky, but sits low due to size and gravity.  However, Exhibit B has MORE ass, is round all at the top, the side and the bottom of the booty. There is CLEAR ass definition in all angles of the booty and it's clear this booty is perky, although huge.  It maintains roundness on every possible edge of the booty that you can find. This booty is Ghetto Booty Elite!

Exhibit B is greater than Exhibit A by far! Exhibit B is Elite Ghetto Booty that remains consistent no matter the pose.  Exhibit A is typical huge collection of ass meat where the Ass Smile is the only thing keeping the form of the booty.



     A Ghetto Booty is an acquired taste. You have to be from environments that embrace chicks who have a little more pounds on their butts, might not be 'perfect' by a Hollywood
dddd throwup standard, but amongst it's own groupings, gets its own ranking system. Also, men, as they get older, come into their own and actually prefer the women with the size on them.  They want that woman you can lay down with in bed all day, and that's where the ones with a little bit of size come into play.  But where are you hands going to rest, on the body of a chick with a little mean to her? On her booty, naturally! Many people DO rank the types of booty they see, but many other dudes just get turned on with ANYTHING they see that is an exposed bunch of meat. You see the dude with the HUGE, OBESE chick and he's cuffing her back/ass/thigh whatever the hell that is back there, and is swearing that's an ass, gassing her head up too, so she's out in a thong!  YUCK! But you must examine WHY these chicks come out dressing all exposed and nasty looking, well it's YOUR FAULT! You made them think they were hot!  IT IS YOUR DAMN DOING, TYRONE AND BILLY-BOBS OF THE WORLD!!!

It's time to clear up what's a good ghetto booty versus a heaping pile of lard, and also expose the tricks used to fool most dudes into thinking it's thick, or a chick has a Ghetto Booty, when clearly it was not.  You'll look at some of these things and maybe you can see why someone would be confused and think a chick's ass was Ghetto Booty Elite versus just a shape-shifting lump of loose, flat jello. The thing is that the fatter chicks just recycle techniques they see smaller bodied women doing.  So let's look into some of this trickery that fools you into thinking something is hot, clear it really is not.

Looks great, right? Minus the inconsistencies in the shape of the ass, where it looks father FLAT in the middle of the ass, yet so round on the outskirts of the ass, even though the ass is in tight jeans, and the huge affect of the FISH EYE LENS to make the ass look wide and full... OH YEAH THAT WAS A TRICK too, the camera angle/ lens !  The problem  with most Ghetto Booty is it's not consistently round all over, it shape-shifts depending on angle of woman, clothes she's wearing, etc. If booty isn't consistently the same shape, or look, come on now, how can that be a nice ass?  How do you know if that Booty is really as solid, round and thick as it advertises?

Silly Putty: As the fat piles on, a real ghetto booty will keep it's form still, lard ass will be all over the place.

Another way that good Ghetto Booty differs from the lard ass version, is in how it changes with time. Through the ages, you know that booty doesn't stay the same right? Chicks with 2 burger a day diets, and bad genetics, pile on the pound in very different ways than women blessed with genetics that place the fat in the booty meat area, and properly. One can't necessarily work out and get a good Ghetto Booty, so to say, unlike smaller classes of booties, genetics play a heavy role!
     OK, let's examine just what is on these ghetto booties and lard asses. You really must use this portion of the education to pick the lady you're going to wife up. You know dudes get pissed off when their girl has a baby and gets all fucking nasty looking, but there are way to protect your interests (her ass shape, and your erection), and here's how you find out if it's worth the ride. Forget looking at how her mama came out, that's failed shit since the crap they eat is different, and hormones, proteins and a bunch of other crap has infiltrated our foods today. Mama's diet is different from daughter, and don't forget the dad's genes intervened too, in making the girl in question.  So throw that logic out! You're looking for your girl to pass the ghetto booty longevity test! Much like the 50 year old chick with BODY, from the pic earlier,  as the meat piles on a ghetto booty, if it's really real, it doesn't lose it's form!  The trick is that some ghetto booties come stacked with a lot of fat, but that ass is backed by nice meat that is solid, thus it holds form very well, as it expands. This coupled with deep, well defined Ass Smiles will hold the meat in place and accent it nicely!  Others just pile on the fat and lose shape very easily because all it ever was was a small ass that gained a bunch of fat on it.  Even if that ass had a deep Ass Smile, it's not guaranteed the ass will remain in the form it once was, especially since the fat onslaught is coming from hips, back and legs, and eating away at booties, through the years.  The booty meat has to out-pace the fat collection from these other paces. If this does not happen, that ass quickly becomes a lard ass, filled with cellulite, drooping all over the place because the fat couldn't fill properly, which creates the pockets in the skin. We're talking about the difference then, in booties that bounce, versus booties that just jiggle about.

Ass that will BOUNCE is ass that looks like this:

while Ass that will jiggle/wiggle all over the place, and shape shift, will look like this:

You want to avoid the latter, so how do you tell if it's the latter if you can't easily identify by sight? Well, rely on touch!  Yes, if you can't grab that ass properly, but it's supposedly a big ass, then you don't really have a BIG ASS in front of you. Instead, you look like this shit here:

Ass that you can't even grab, but is large and wide! Not Good Ghetto Booty!  Learn how to pick better! That's wide, flat and wack!  What would you grab, on that backside, in this situation? Do you even see anywhere that could produce a handful of ass? You'd have to reach down below, under that meat collection, to find anything you could.  Terrible ass! You couldn't do what we call the MUSH PUSH, or the PUSH OVER, we call it in a sexual move, where you take as much ass meat as possible, and push it up to see how that ass shapes. If you can't push any meat up, in a collection that is uniform, then that is NOT a real Ghetto Booty.  Want to see what that looks like? Look to the column to the right.

Perform the MUSH PUSH

It's quite simple. Tell your girl you're going to massage her ass, and while you're doing it, shift the booty meat about, seeing how far it moves in each direction. See, the booty is going to be either a mix of muscle and fat, but there isn't much muscle backing, or hard fat, you have a bunch of loose, jiggly meat- which is what most Ghetto Booties are.  Sloppy asses have no good grabability. In many cases, the ghetto booty is so flat and wide that you can't get a grip, so you just grab whatever is closest to you, leg fat, back fat... and you smile like it's all good.  Women know this, and when you're grabbing at what is clearly not her ass, it's similar to you missing her vagina, when you hit her taint area- she gives you a look like "that's not it!" If your grip on the ass looks anything like this, trust that the chick does not have a good Ghetto Booty, it's slop!  So see how well the ass cheeks move, uniformly, to see if the ass will uniformly grow at at the right pace, or will only 1 tiny flab of meat in the bottom of the ass, be the only part that grows as the ass gets fatter. 

Here you can see that it looks like a ghetto booty. It has a mix of fat (hard and soft) with probably a muscle backing.  What you want to know is if that form will hold up, through the years, which depends in how the fat collects and moves.  Then you need to examine how the fat collects on the booty, and basically measure how loose that ass meat is.  Ok, so when you put your hands into the meat and dig in, will the ass look like mush? Or will it move as a solid and fold up, maintaining the looks of the ass cheeks? Will it move in a uniform manner or will it spill over outside of your fingers? Let's find out :

Well would you look at that. It STILL maintained the form of the ass cheeks! So this is STILL the ghetto booty you saw earlier and it's holding form. The whole ass was able to shift up, but it didn't shift up that much, because it's hard fat/muscle combo wouldn't let it move too much. That means it's the ass the bounces much.  You can NOT do this on a lard ass because you can't even find the area to scoop because you can't normally find the ass cheeks, or only 1 section of the ass can move, the dangling loose meat.  If your chicks' asses don't look like they need a butt lift, you're in good shape! If you can't grip a major part of the ghetto booty, you don't need that booty! 

Here's a side view. If the cheeks are pushed from underneath, what's going to happen? Is it going to flop to the sides? Notice that the shots up top, and this one, feature women laying on their stomachs. It is HARD to pull this move off on a woman who has no ass!  The gravity makes the asses flatten in this  position, not bulge out, so if you see some bulge, that woman has ass!  Look at this pic below, laying down on her stomach and the ass is already poking out.

Now, if it's pushed from underneath, you think it will fall apart?
Nope, doesn't fall part!  It's hard to get that ass to collect like this laying down, so if that ass still looks round, after all that manual manipulation, you can rest assured that ass is the real deal and not that morphing kind of ass. 
Morphing booty meat: Loose booty meat wobbles so much it looks like a different booty in every different angle!

I guess that's the real problem in trying to determine if that ass is a good Ghetto Booty, or the sloppy Ghetto Booty that's just a lard ass.  dd
 You look at an ass and you're not sure what the fuck is the ass and what's the rest, many times. Many dudes are confused and that's why they call PIG TAIL chicks apple bottoms, incorrectly. Just what IS the butt and what's the rest? You're looking at it like this and it looks all like a completely round ass to you. Well this is a bad example actually, because what's she's doing here to the right, is she's just using another technique of 'bending over'.  Bending over, as you know, forces the ass cheeks to look full and round, then the shot is taken from under the ass. But when when we straighten this out, it's easier to diagnose. All you see is a thong disappear in the crack of an ass. You see shine on the ass, suggesting it's a bulbous ass, this ass even comes equipped with a long ass crack. It's clearly a ghetto booty, but not easy to see which class right now, in this one position. Let's straighten it out and get a better view.

What does this ass REALLY look like? Look below!!!! YOU WERE FOOLED! Not so round now, is it?

Right where the pink straps end, notice, SO TOO DOES THE ASS. LMAO!  All that extra stuff is fat from the outer thighs and hips, and this ass is basically just held together with the ass crack being so deep and the ass crease making it less then 50% of the length of the back of the leg. Basically, the effect is you cut a bowl of Jello down in the middle and it wiggles all about in all kinds of directions, but you caused the jello to have form due to the slice you made. That's all this is,the folds are making what looks like a butt here, and it's all loose fat really.  That is surely NOT the signs of a good ghetto booty, because it should not be all lose like that so that it morphs into so many different shapes, every time you see it in another light.  The meat that changes shape is definitely a lard ass. You'll see something good one shot, next it's trash.

Here is where the typical ass observer gets into problems determining if it's a nice ass or not.  Look at this pics below. Which ass cheek is the REAL size of her ass?

Most dudes will say that the RIGHT ass cheek is the real size of the ass, why? Because it's the BIGGEST ASS CHEEK!  See they see the huge mass that is the thigh, leg and hip fat combined and call that an ass, when it's really the ass cheek on the LEFT that highlights what's really the ass cheek. Right where the thong disappears, that inner area is the ass cheek (where circled). A real, nice big ass shouldn't shift about so! It should have clear-cut definition of ass cheeks and the straps are really there to mask the fact that only the circled piece is booty meat, while everything else is just leg fat! If this ass was in motion, it would be very sloppy and droopy.  Remove the straps, and it's pretty apparent that the ass is flat, wide and big, right? So that's morphing cheeks that look more appealing in sexy positions, but the other trick is the misdirection with clothing.


Tricks are for PIGS!: all kinds of tricks are used, just like smaller women do, to convince you an ass is hot, when it's not.  

You're walking by, you spot this ass on a corner. BAMMMM You're fucked up, that's a nice tight ghetto booty, right? It's all confined to the tight space of that dress, spandex or the tight pants. The material of the clothes are so non-porous that you can't see any dents, and pants force shape too. That looks like THE perfect ghetto booty. Why, the ass isn't even drooping down, it's resisting gravity and is perfectly shaped round, right? The trouble with the bigger sizes bodies, is the clothing throws all kinds of tricks in to play, where chicks are tucking their tits in the pants and shit, but you're like 'DAMN THAT'S HOT'. The pants and clothing can stick a bunch of fat from 1 area, and redistribute it to a completely different area. The bad thing is that area that collects all the fat tends to be the booty and thighs. So what you see, that looks so tight and thick is not tight and thick, it's the clothing shape shifting the fat into eye popping scenery. This is the greatest tool in the sloppy booty arsenal. The trick that skinny, flat chicks use are different from what fat chicks use to mask what their bodies really look like.  And most guys are caught up over them too.  

It's simple, the fat women know things that most stupid men fall for.  So what the will do is mentally list things men fall for, and in what order you're likely to succeed in doing the tricks. If she feels that the top in the list is good enough, she will do that, but if she's trying to make a KILLING on you, well she's simply combine a few tricks to keep your brain busy enough to mask what she's really trying to do, fool you! Simple things work like:

#1 TOP TRICK: Pose in a really whorish position

and I might forget the fact that you're so old my pops was jerking off to your blue movies. She's 50, with a huge ass and tits. I mean what's not to like here? The thing is, at least this one is sexy, and still in form with her body. So we know what works, what appeals to us, and key elements like thick thighs, big, nicely round ass, and big tits work here! What about someone who is 25, laying on the bed, trying the same stuff on you. Would anything as big look the same?

By the haters of all things big, both look, both look exactly the same, disgusting.  Of course, they are not the same, and the one on the bottom is very much so less desirable than the picture on the top coudl ever be! Comparing them, you see they both have big bodies, big legs, and are leaning in this very compromising position, but the 1st picture features a woman who's body is THICK, the 2nd (bottom) picture features a woman who is just a plumper (fat), with no form. The 1st pic has a big ass that is round from top to bottom, doesn't flatten out at any point what so ever, the 2nd pic look like a long, flat, wide ass that gained way too much weight, is curved downward at the very bottom of the booty and is flat on the outsides of the booty too. Still, both pictures, are showing a lot of skin, there are no panties to be found,  are in 'sexy' positions, and therefore EQUALS in the mind of guys who just like any old big shit that they can find. That's where WE HAVE A BEEF! The second pic works 90% of the time and almost everyone we showed it to liked it and said it was fuckable, even guys who confess they don't like big chicks. What they mean by that is they'll fuck anything, really, but they're saying they might enjoy the sloppier one too, mostly because she has a lot of meat for them to crash their pelvises into. So this 2nd pic alone is enough to convince a guy that a woman is thick, has a nice ass, etc... Poses!

Any old big shit is NOT good shit, just like any of HUGE ASS doesn't make a NICE ASS. The form is gone, there is no physical sexiness happening in the 2nd pic. So when we check for big chicks, we're checking for the FIRST picture, NOT that second picture.  
 Still, both of the pics above can't capture pull off fully, what a booty that is really nice and big at the same time can do, which is in ANY POSITION, that ass looks the best shit ever. If that big ass is really a good Ghetto Booty, then that woman can even be sleeping, laying flat, after a magnificent round of fucking, and that ass will still pop out without her trying- or knowing! :)

#2 TOP TRICK: Wear something whorish
Who's going to complain about a woman wearing a G-string, thong, or a self strap-on that is inside of her (don't think that they have that yet, but I'm just saying), no matter how wack her body is? Well yeah that was a trick question, actually. If her body isn't appealing, changes are it negates all the tricks she's trying to do.  Now sloppy chicks know that, and if they're trying to pass for thick, they'll get really clever by doing the #1 TOP TRICK combo with the #2 TOP TRICK.  See, wearing something whorish, by itself, doesn't work as well as positioning yourself in a whore manor. If a woman doesn't have the body to successfully rock what she's wearing, then she will most likely do a combo of #1 and #2.  It's for this reason that poses are the number 1 trick, but clothing is the number 2. Observe:

That ass is corny and uneventful. It's big, yes, the legs are big, yes- she has a new psycho haircut... ok .. but what she's wearing doesn't work with the body she has, and she knows it. Look at her face, it's screaming "shit, I hope I can pull this off and fool the on-looker". She has the see-thru shirt to reveal a bra and the heels, lipstick... but that ass is annoying! It's droopy with no real form and the top  of the panties are jacked up way high! She knows her ass is flat, on a fatter body. So this is an example of wearing slutty things, but not being able to convey the message of slutty, which is supposed to fool me. So doing the #2 trick alone won't always cut it in most cases. So throw that girl in a compromising position, along with the slutty pose and .... VOILA!

Instantly fuckable, thick, sexy, hot all that you make yourself think. Quickly flash back to the 1st pic though, that's the real ass.  It would look WORSE if she didn't have the sexy clothing on, think about that.   Here she's more comfortable, you can't see the real ass, you can only see the Pig Tail class booty with the ass meat under the body. But the thong is splitting the cheeks, and although there is no real cheek definition here, the people who showed this to in the forums were salivating all over this. There is no ass. It's all leg fat, hip back that goes right into the back, which is covered up by that shirt, on purpose. She knows to keep that shirt on!  That's part of the other trickery, which we'll highlight in a minute.  Still, that's not thick, and there is no ass, it's a girl who should be skinny, but is fat, and the ass stayed the way  it was on the skinny body, while the rest of her continued to grow.  The problem is, you've just read this, and you said "but I'll still hit it". Oh brother! lol  

Top attributes of sloppy ass: That's a LARD ASS

When you're bending over, and can't even falsely make your ass look round...

When your ass is wide and fat but you still can't even get any booty meat to fold over the wood...


Ok, so we've stepped through a few quick references of the differences between that Good Ghetto Booty and the lard ass. Let's quickly make sure you have this shit drilled into your brains, so we can start weeding out the slop, from the ass that belongs on top.  Here are specific attributes that make an ass a LARD ASS:

* The area of real ass looks like it belongs on a BABY: Look at that area in the yellow square. THAT IS HER REAL ASS MEAT. Anything else, outside of the spacing, is not real ass meat. Those tiny little twin peaks of meat, ARE THE REAL ASS! The rest is thigh and back fat, here. She's also bending over to make an ass, because standing up, all the surrounding meat would eclipse this tiny little area. See, if that area that is the real ass, is much smaller than all of the surrounding area, THAT'S A LARD ASS!

Look below, you can't even see where the ass really is. There are no separation of real ass cheek definition, but you can see this ass belongs to a flat assed woman who got really fat.  The result looks like a slit in a slab of fat. That's NOT a Good Ghetto Booty- in fact it's not even in the Ghetto Booty class. It's a flat Pig Tail.

* The thighs are more huge and round than that actual ass.  So doesn't that kind of steal the thunder of any shot, if the thunder thighs make more noise than the actual booty?  Most people react to the thighs, thinking that's part of the ass, for some reason, and say a woman has a nice ass. As you can see from these shots below, the curvature is in the back of the thighs, and more curved there than on the actual ass. The actual ass is tiny and has not grown to keep up with the pace of the rest of the fat collection. We talked about that earlier, nowhere is what it looks like. Not a good look!

* No separation of leg, back and ass fat makes 1 long slab of meat. Seriously, it looks like meat stuffed inside of a sausage with pork casing. Just jammed up in there, but the result is one long tube of fat. The asses don't stand out, hell neither do the thighs because it looks like long ... ass? 1 long leg??? You just can't describe it, it's that nasty.  You look at the thighs, most times, and will swear they're part of the ass, and when guys debate this with us, normally they're including too much of the thigh in the areas that they claim is the booty. The problem here is there is no clear cut definition of ass.

* The asses are elongated, curve INWARD and DOWNWARD, rather that outward and downward
(if booty shaped that way it can be good).  The booties like this are really long, normally FLAT on top and at the very bottom of the booty is where you see the most round curve. These are huge Pig Tail booties, or booties that belong on smaller bodies, that are Pig Tails, and instead of the asses growing outward in a circular manner, they elongate and grow in a oval shape downward.  YUCK!  

*  Huge, fat, and/or long Mystery Spaces- lead to the impression that an ass is full on top, but if you ever bothered to look, it's really just a fat Mystery Space that's fooling people into believing that ass is completely round, when concealed. If you peep it in clothing that can't possibly hide it, it looks like the pics below.  The left has this 'bump' that jumps right off of the back, except it's not ass meat, there is no ass crack anywhere to be found. It's fat Mystery Space being passed as the top of a real, nice, Good Ghetto Booty. That ass crack doesn't begin until much further down on that booty.  The pic of the green dress, can't hide the fact that the Mystery Space is LONG, and most will think that ass is a slope that is sexy, but it's not. That is the typical ass with a fat Mystery Space. That ass sits way down on the bottom!

* Ass is WIDE, but flat, and the body is fat-
which makes people call that woman thick, and her ass a Ghetto Booty. I see no booty, do you? I see inner ass cheeks trying to m
ake an appearance, but it's nonetheless FLAT!


* If you separate the legs, the ass cheeks go flat?! and even if it look like it has a good deposit of fat, you have it separate the legs, or step back with 1 leg and it can go COMPLETELY FLAT in the ass cheek area. A real Ghetto Booty absolutely does NOT go flat at any point!

*  Ass falls apart at the very bottom of the booty- so the bulb can't properly gain enough fat to create curvature. The result is a sloppy bottom of the booty (bulb) that takes 4 or 5 dips in and out before it reaches the back of the leg. It can flatten out completely, it can look round,  but it is nasty to look at because it normally looks like a complete separation of the top and bottoms of ass. Like you melted a round of gouda cheese and it's melting from the round base. That's what these asses look like, and since they can't maintain the curvature, they're NOT Good Ghetto Booties.